Artist in training

1-Find a good reference

2-“Stick” sketch (I usally make the face in another layer)


4-One layer for the hair (also the sheets) 25% opacity

5-Shadows, made with brush in normal and deep. 20%op

6-Filling (basic without shadows)

7-Put it together.

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This is a special video made for Sarah (aka book-collector)

She asked for a tutorial of how i did hair, and since I didn’t knew how to explain it I decided to do a little video of a drawing I’m working on.

i’m not sure if you will find this helpfull, but that’s the best i could do XD

btw: Can you guess who are those ladies, clue, it’s a fan-art drawing inspired by one of the songs of the video ;)

excuse the crappiness of the drawing, is just the inital sketch

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